What is a horrible algorithmist really?

I came across this short post “I am a great programmer, but a horrible algorithmist“: “I do all the things a software craftsman does… I even have a degree in Computer Science from what I think is a great university. However, I feel I am a horrible algorithmist. Ask me to write a complex algorithm […]

Image Processing with Open Source Tools

My goal is to assemble an open source environment where I can prototype image processing algorithms in a fashion similar to Matlab. There’s two reasons for this. First, while Matlab is a great tool, it’s simply much too costly to obtain a commercial license for it. Especially in light of the fact that open source […]

“Is your optimization function correct?” Revisited

I think I have a cleaner way to explain Diagnosis Tip #2 in my post on diagnosing problems with your machine learning algorithm. Many machine learning solutions boil down to defining a model that is specified by some parameter $latex \theta$ and then creating an optimization function or error function $latex J( \theta )$ that […]

Adobe Air + AWS Cloud

In this mini-tutorial we make use of Adobe AIR and Amazon Web Services to create a bare-bones desktop visualization application which is connected to the cloud. This combines two technologies that I’m very excited about, Adobe Flex and AWS. Adobe Flex allows you to create professional dynamic visualizations and GUIs while AWS lends serious computational […]