Cool paper on fast covariance computation for sliding window based features

Thought I’d share a cool paper I came across this week. Fast Covariance Computation and Dimensionality Reduction for Sub-Window Features in Images. Summary: Trick to speed up calculation of covariance matrix of features when your features come from a sliding windows over a signal (image). Trick takes advantage of redundant information between windows and reduces the […]

What is a horrible algorithmist really?

I came across this short post “I am a great programmer, but a horrible algorithmist“: “I do all the things a software craftsman does… I even have a degree in Computer Science from what I think is a great university. However, I feel I am a horrible algorithmist. Ask me to write a complex algorithm […]

Book: Data Analysis with Open Source Tools

I wanted to post about a great book I came across, Data Analysis with Open Source Tools by Philipp K. Janert. This book has two great differences over the formal analysis texts out there. First the book focuses on the practical aspects of doing data analysis and solving problems, and it also contains “workshop” sections […]

Stanford AI and Machine Learning Courses Have Started

The Stanford on-line AI and Machine Learning classes started last week. Andrew Ng’s machine learning class is especially interesting.  I’m taking the course because there’s always a few machine learning algorithms that I haven’t actually coded up even though I know about them. For example, in my years in grad school I never once had to code up […]